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Source: Unknown Bergen County, NJ newspaper: c. 1953
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Dr. Albert Schatz, Fair Lawn Man, Among Top 10 In U.S. For '53


Dr. Albert Schatz, Professor of Microbiology and Director of Research Laboratories, National Agricultural College, was chosen by the United States Junior Chamber of Commerce as one of the Ten Outstanding Young Men of 1953. Dr. Schatz is the son of Mr. and Mrs. Julius Schatz, 15-02 11th St., Fair Lawn.

The ten men, all between the ages of 21 and 36, were chosen, for the honor by a board of nationally known judges in an annual selection sponsored since 1938.

Dr. Schatz, a 33 year old microbiologist, has become world renowned for his work on microorganisms, through which he became co-discoverer of Streptomycin.

As Director of the Research, Laboratories at the National Agricultural College Dr. Schatz is working on projects dealing with attempts to understand cancer formation, new ways to diagnose and treat multiple sclerosis, new ways to control plant diseases, and many other important and timely projects.

Dr. Schatz is the author and coauthor of more than fifty scientific publications. He is also the author of a recent text on microbiology. In September, 1953, Dr. Schatz was appointed as one of six vice-presidents at the Sixth International Congress for Microbiology held in Rome; Italy. lie was one of the youngest men ever to receive such an appointment.

Dr. Schatz has, and is continuing to, devote his life to human welfare, to a longer and healthier life, cheaper production of food. and the better control of natural resources.