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Source: Fair Lawn - Elmwood Park - Saddle Brook Shopper: May 4, 1977
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Dr. Albert Schatz honored as Humanitarian Extraordinaire


FAIR LAWN - Dr. Albert Schatz of Fair Lawn, a Temple University professor, was recently honored by an award from The Academy of Holistic Health Pioneers. The award named Dr. Schatz a "Humanitarian Extraordinaire for his unselfish devotion to scientific research, his discovery of the wonder drug streptomycin, and his many. other contributions made beyond the call of duty and frequently at great sacrifice."

Dr. Schatz received the award at a meeting on Holistic Health at Santa Ana College in California where he had been invited to lecture on the subject "The Failure of Traditional Medicine."

In his lecture, Dr. Schatz expressed concern for some 2.4 million cases of unnecessary surgery performed annually on people in the United States. "This unnecessary surgery," he said, "costs about four billion dollars and results in approximately 11,900 deaths each year."

Dr. Schatz also expressed concern about an estimated 17,000 physicians who are believe to require psychiatric treatment for such ailments as mental illness, drug addiction, and alcoholism. And he pointed out that medical schools in general provide little training in nutrition.

"A holistic approach to the health of the individual, rather than the treatment of symptoms of disease, usually by drugs, is the wave of the future," he said.

"Holistic health," he explained, is a more natural approach than the use of drugs for many conditions. The holistic concept," he continued, "considers and individual as a whole and takes into account his physical, mental, and emotional states. Too much of modern medicine," he stated, "attempts only to alleviate symptoms."

Dr. Schatz has received numerous awards and honors for his scientific research. Last November, the government of France decorated him with the Grand Prix Humanitaire de France. The Grand Prix, which is a gold medal, is the highest French distinction for outstanding scientific contributions to humanity.

Dr. Schatz has also received honorary titles and degrees from five universities. He has been named an honorary member of various scientific, medical, and dental societies in the United States, Europe, and Latin America.