Albert Schat, Ph.D.
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Source: The Bergen Record (?): c. 1977
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Holistic health talk


FAIR LAWN - Dr. Albert Schatz of Fair Lawn, a Temple University professor, talked about the failure of traditional medicine at a meeting on holistic health at Santa Ana College in California, where he received an award for scientific research.

Dr. Schatz, co-discoverer of streptomycin, was cited as an extraordinary humanitarian for his devotion to research by The Academy of Holistic Health Pioneers. He said holistic medicine considers an individual as a whole - his physical, mental, and emotional state - rather than subscribing to the drug-oriented treatment of symptoms used by many modern doctors.

The government of France gave Dr. Schatz the Grand Prix Humanitaire de France, a gold medal, in 1976, for his research on the debilitative effects of fluoridation of water on high risk segments of the population in Chile.