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Source: New York Daily News: March 11, 1950
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Claims Share In Discovery of Streptomycin


Trenton, March 10 (AP). – A former graduate student at Rutgers accused Dr. Selman A. Waksman today of misrepresenting himself as the sole discoverer of the so called wonder drug, streptomycin. The former student, Albert Schatz of 210 Riverdale Ave., Brooklyn, filed suit in New Jersey State Superior Court contending that he was a co-discoverer of the drug with Dr. Waksrnan.

Asserting he holds one-half interest in all profits from the exploitation of the drug, Schatz asked the court to direct Dr. Waksman and the Rutgers Research and Endowment Foundation to pay him what it shall "find to be due him."

All profits from the manufacture and sale of the drug have been assigned by Dr. Waksman to the foundation.

Schatz contended that, during the period from June to October, 1943, he "conducted experiments and research in continuation of prior work done by him, which eventually led to the isolation and discovery of a new drug now known as streptomycin."

He added that his research and experimentation were checked and confirmed by Dr. Waksman, and that, thereafter, he collaborated with the renowned scientist "in the further development of the drug."