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Source: Unknown Doylestown, PA newspaper: April 15, 1952
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Co-Discoverer Of Wonder Drug To Head New National Aggies' Laboratory Plans

(By a Staff Reporter)


One of the country's most distinguished young biologists, co-discoverer of streptomycin, the wonder drug, will join the faculty of National Agricultural College on a full-time basis on September 2, according to an announcement made today by James Work, president of the college.

He is Dr. Albert Schatz, of Fair Lawn, N. J., who is now a professor of biology at Brooklyn College, a position that he has held since 1949. He will have charge of a new research laboratory that will be established at the college within a few months. His speciality is in the field of microbiology. The laboratory will be located in the historic "Wayside Inn" house, one of the numerous Colonial houses on the college campus that has been used for a number of years as a campus residence.

Dr. Schatz recently received the Distinguished Service Award of the Fair Lawn (N. J.) Chamber of Commerce as the "Young Man of The Year," for his research work as codiscoverer of streptomycin, an honor that has also put him in line for the 1943 award of the Unit ed States Junior Chamber of Cornmerce.

Dr. Schatz, who is 31 years old, served a laboratory technician with the U. S. Army in World War II, and since that time has done post graduate and research work with State agencies in New York and New Jersey, the Sloane-Kettering Institute of Cancer Research, Stanford University in California and has been a research associate at Hoskins Laboratories in New York City.

The selection of Dr. Schatz to head the new National Agricultural College research laboratory was made by the research laboratory committee of the Board of Trustees of the college, consisting of Dr. Max Trumper, of Cynwyd, Pa.; Samuel Cooke and Dr. Spencer Kaufman, distinguished Philadelphians; Ira C. Mills, Director of Homes and Hospitals, Pennsylvania State Welfare Department; and Fred Weigle, prominent Montgomery county farm superintendent.

The new laboratory headed by Dr. Schatz will have associated with the future programs of the college, experts in the field of blo-chemistry, food technology, medicine, public health and general agriculture.

Dr. Schatz has written more than fifty treatises, books and scientific papers on biology and antibiotics and was publicly credited last year as the co-discoverer of streptomycin along with Dr. S. A. Waksman, of Rutgers University.

Dr. Schatz, a graduate of Rutgers, with a number of degrees, was affiliated with the New York State Department of Health for two years as a biochemist, is a member of the Phi Beta Kappa fraternity, Society of the Sigma XI, Alpha Zeta (national honorary agricultural fraternity), Society of American Bacteriologists, Society of American Protozoologists, New York Academy of Sciences and Torrey Botanical Club.

Dr. Schatz was born in Norwich, Conn.