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Source: Doylestown Daily Intelligencer: January 19, 1953
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Farm College Professor Speaks At Einstein Center


Dr. Albert Schatz, co-discoverer of streptomycin and Director of Research at the National Agricultural College, Doylestown, was guest speaker at the Albert Einstein Medical Center on January 13th, on the occasion of the inter-Staff Correlation Conference, under the Chairmanship of Dr. David S. Cristol. Dr. Schatz spoke on "Some Unorthodox Microbiological Approaches to Certain Medical Problems" before a crowded audience of noted physicians.

"Each gram of soil," Dr. Schatz said, "contains millions of different bacteria, molds and other kinds of microbes, some of which are used to manufacture vitamins and antibiotics. and to do other useful things.

"We are how entering the stage" Dr. Schatz continued "where it is not necessary to look for a particular microbe, which we hope exists, for a particular job. We now have means of 'manufacturing' or 'proclueing' cnstom-made microbes for such purposes."