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Passaic Youth Discovers Drug That May Stamp Out Dread TB: The Passaic Herald-News: July 2, 1945

Streptomycin Only Beginning of Discoveries: The Passaic Herald-News: April 22, 1946

Streptomycin Drug Free to Patients: Paterson Evening News: May 6, 1946

Latin, Science Group Hear Noted Alumnus: The Hilltop Star (Passaic High School): May 10, 1946

Discovers Cure for 'Black Death': The New York Journal American: Jan. 19, 1947

Dr. Schatz a Guest At Florey Luncheon: The Passaic Herald-News: September 18, 1946

Round and About: Monterey Peninsula Herald: November 23, 1948

Suit Accuses Waksman: Newark Evening News: March 10, 1950

Streptomycin Suit Asks Credit As Co-Discoverer, Half Profits: New York Herald Tribune: March 11, 1950

Ex-Passaic Man Sues for Profit of Wonder Drug: The Passaic Herald-News: March 11, 1950

Boro Chemist Asks Cut in Wonder Drug: Brooklyn Eagle: March 11, 1950

Claims Share in Discovery of Streptomycin: New York Daily News: March 11, 1950

Replies on Drug Suit: Newark Evening News: March 11, 1950

Ex-student's Charge Denied by Waksman: Newark Star Ledger: March 11, 1950

Seeks Share of Credit for Drug Discovery: The Brooklyn Eagle: March 12, 1950

Finder of Streptomycin Got $350,000 as Share: The New York World Telegram and Sun: April 28, 1950

Waksman Got $350,000: Newark Evening News: April 28, 1950

Waksman Royalty Is Put at $350,000: The New York Times: April 29, 1950

Rule Ex-Passaicite Co-Discoverer of Streptomycin: Paterson Evening News: December 2, 1950

Their Dispute Over Discovery of Streptomycin Is Settled: The New York Herald Tribune: December 30, 1950

Three Callfornians to Share In Streptornycin Royalties: San Francisco Examiner: Dec. 30, 1950

He Finally Gets Credit: The Newark Star-Ledger: December 30, 1950

Dr. Schatz Is Modest in Victory: Newark Sunday News: December 31, 1950

MEDICINE: Unknown Newspaper: c. Jan. 1951

Research Workers To Share Royalties From Streptomycin: Rutgers Alumni Voice: Jan. 1951

National Agricultural College Establishes Research Laboratory: Pennsylvania Poultry Review: April 1, 1952

College Founds Research Lab: The Jewish Advocate: April 14, 1952

Co-Discoverer of Wonder Drug to Head New National Aggies' Laboratory Plans: Unknown Doylestown, PA newspaper: April 15, 1952

Microbiologist to Join Farm School Faculty: Unknown Bergen County, NJ newspaper: c. May 1952

Scientists Seek Nobel Prize For Son of Local Residents: Unknown Bergen County, NJ newspaper: c. October 1952

Rutgers Man Wins 1952 Nobel Prize: The Passaic Herald-News: October 23, 1952

Claim of Schatz to Nobel Prize Is Put Forward: Herald Tribune: October 30, 1952

Nobel Recognition Sought for Waksman's Colleague: The Evening Bulletin (Philadelphia): October 30, 1952

Schatz' College Asks Nobel Nod for Him: The Passaic Herald-News: October 31, 1952

Claim of Dr. Schatz To Nobel Prize Share Is Put Forward Here: Doylestown Daily Intelligenceer: October 31, 1952

Dr. Albert Schatz, Co-discoverer of Streptomycin, Ignored in Nobel Award: Pennsylvania Poultry Review: November 1952

Claim of Share of Nobel Prize to Dr. Waksman: The Jewish Advocate: November 6, 1952

(No Title): Hotchkiss Record: November 6, 1952

Scientists Seek Nobel Prize for Son of Local Residents: Fairlawn - Radburn News: November 6, 1952

Ask Nobel Committee To Include Dr. Schatz: The Sunday News (Ridgewood, NJ): November 9, 1952

Counterclaim for Nobel Prize: Life Magazine: November 10, 1952

Nobel Award Is Criticized: Newark Evening News: November 12, 1952

Waksman's Award Protested by College: Rutgers University Targum: November 14, 1952

Nobel-eese Oblige?: Chemical and Engineering News: December 10, 1952

Dr. Albert Schatz, Fair Lawn Man, Among Top 10 In U.S. For '53: Unknown Bergen County, NJ newspaper: c. 1953

Farm College Professor Speaks At Einstein Center: Doylestown Daily Intelligencer: January 19, 1953

Fully Equipped NAC Laboratory Offers Students New Research Opportunities: Doylestown Daily Intelligencer: July 14, 1953

Prominent Scientists at Cancer Kickoff Luncheon: Doylestown Daily Intelligencer: April 15, 1953

NAC Scientist Entertains C of C At July Meeting: Bucks County Intelligencer: July 17, 1953

N.A.C. Fete for Work, Schatz Is Planned for November 9th: Philadelphia Jewish Advocate: c. Nov. 1953

Streptomycin Pioneer Pushing New Projects: The Sunday News (Passaic, NJ): February 7, 1954

Schatz Wonder Drug Scientist To Receive National Recognition: The Southern Jewish Weekly: February 12, 1954

Perkasie Women Hear Cancer Talk: Doylestown Daily Intelligencer: Feb. 18, 1954

Streptomycin's Bonus: The Passaic Herald-News: June 4, 1954

Noted Student and Researcher Speak: Free Press, Quakertown: January 31, 1955

Streptomycin Anniversary: The Passaic Herald-News: July 20, 1964

Drs. Schatz, Martin Honored by Chilean Medical Authorities: Paterson News: November 21, 1964

Streptomycin Savant Speaker At Doylestown: Unknown Doylestown, PA newspaper: January 23, 1955

Streptomycin: Great Boon, Sad Story: The Passaic Herald-News: November 2, 1965

France Decorates Local Professor: Chestnut Hill Local: December 9, 1976

People You Know: Paterson News: December 10, 1976

Down our Street; Humanitarian honored: The Bergen Record: December 15, 1976

Holistic health talk: The Bergen Record (?): c. 1977

Dr. Albert Schatz honored as Humanitarian Extraordinaire: Fair Lawn - Elmwood Park - Saddle Brook Shopper: May 4, 1977

Temple professor honored: The Bergen Record: Nov 1, 1977

Dr. Schatz gets second gold medal from France: Fair Lawn - Elmwood Park - Saddle Brook Shopper: Nov 2, 1977